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Belinda Benn's Sinfully Healthy Food :: Belinda Benn - Your Australian Transformation Coach lean hybrid muscle meal plan pdf

Belinda Benn's Sinfully Healthy Food :: Belinda Benn - Your Australian Transformation Coach lean hybrid muscle meal plan pdfDear Friend, You already know it takes good nutrition to reveal your best body and have a great quality of life but I think you ll agree that s one of the biggest challenges. However, you can master this very easily, just like I did. The most critical key is to have an arsenal of easy, healthy and sinfully scrumptious recipes at your disposal that you can eat, love and savor day in and day out never feeling bored or tempted by the nutritionally empty calories of fake health foods . And that s where most people are NOT prepared... Sometimes you DO want to indulge. You love the way healthy eating makes you feel but at the same time you want to be able to: Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn t it? So, you have a treat meal here and there. And maybe you ve even gone in search of healthy recipes. But you very quickly realize the following problems with these so called healthy cookbooks: Until now... And that s because I ve created and compiled some of my favorite healthy recipes. Every single recipe is nutritious. Each one is easy to make. And all of them taste so delicious you won t even believe they re good for your body and your health. My name is Belinda Benn. I m the Founder of Aussie Transformation Coach. Every day I help thousands of people around the world change their bodies and lives through good nutrition and exercise. But just a few short years ago I was an office bound executive living on coffee and junk food who never worked out in her life! I was riddled with cellulite and overweight. I had a blind faith that the regular foods I was eating were safe, all the while not knowing that these mass produced products with chemical additives and artificial ingredients were compounding my horrible body composition, erratic digestion and premature aging of my body. My mid life transformation led me to eat better (as most people who want to lose weight generally know and sometimes do) but as I dug deeper I found there s a whole world of foods and alternative ingredients that enable our bodies to function at it s best. Our bodies actually desire and thrive on these incredible foods and ingredients. Most people would consider these super foods because they liberate you and work to your advantage. You see, it s not just about weight loss, it s about optimizing your body s circulatory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, respiratory and skeletal systems giving you the fuel and the building blocks to function at a top level. Today, coming up on 50 years old, I still feel compelled to learn as much as I can to give myself the best leverage and maintain youth as long as possible through wise and unique nutrition habits. Living like this on a daily basis and seeing the results, I feel an obligation to share my secrets with you today so you can experience these benefits in the exact same way. You ll experience: Think of It Like Power Versions of Your Favorite Foods It wasn t too long ago that most people didn t know these types of foods and ingredients even existed. Today we have so many of these available but nobody really knows how to use them on a regular basis. They are still very new to all of us. Yes its great to know all the good things that you could be putting into your body but it s a whole new level when you know exactly what to use, how to cook it and make these meals a regular part of your program. Think about how you feel after you ve eaten a big piece of heavy chocolate cake or oily carb rich meal. You know you ve messed up and a few hours later you feel yucky physically and emotionally. And the vicious cycle of emotional eating begins. When it comes to your foods.... Imagine indulging in some of your favorite treats and sweets that actually taste more delicious than their refined chemical versions AND are good for you in a very powerful way. You ll feel better because these foods benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally, knowing you just put something super healthy into your body. Your body is designed to function with clean, pure, chemical free nutrients! By eating this way you can experience true optimal and vibrant health. Your mirror won t lie, the proof will be there after you ve given your body a chance to absorb these potent nutrients and see the visible effect they have on your body. You re here because you re smart and you re already making changes to improve your health and wellbeing. But it s tough trying to work out what to eat and how to cook it. So I m going to make it easy for you... Introducing the Sinfully Healthy Cookbooks Finally, You Too Can Enjoy... Rich Meals and Delicious Desserts Without the Empty Calories Without the Self Inflicted Guilt! And Without Screwing Up Your Program Go ahead, indulge your taste buds! Make your chocolate fantasies come true. Let yourself enjoy everything from indulgent holiday treats to mouthwatering appetizers to sinfully delicious cupcakes. I ve even included special recipes that help you burn the fat, cleanse your body, give you an energy boost and much more! Looking after your body never tasted so good! But don t take my word for it. Just look at what Shannon says about these recipes... Here Are 9 of the Biggest Benefits You ll Get From Sinfully Healthy: Read What the Experts Are Saying About Sinfully Healthy! Order Now to Get This Exclusive Unique FREE Bonus..... And here s the good news: this fat accelerating program is yours FREE when you order the Sinfully Healthy cookbook package today! Plus Until December 25th Your FREE Christmas Gift Bonus Until Christmas every order will also receive absolutely FREE this special edition Sinfully Healthy Christmas Bonus: And best of all... So what are you waiting for? Try out these unique cookbooks and start enjoying these delicious recipes today... Take Your 60 Day Risk Free Trial of Sinfully Healthy Today Special Price 19.95 Order now anywhere in the world and you ll get instant access to everything you see on this page, including: Note: The Sinfully Healthy Package includes eBooks in PDF format. Everything is viewable on any computer (no special software required). Since no physical products will be shipped, there s no wait and no shipping charges. You get the whole package instantly! This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website. Truthfully Speaking Here s What You re Getting... Sinfully Healthy was created by the work of 4 people with the combined effort of 369 working hours (in and out of the kitchen) to create these unique, delicious and nutritious recipes you won t find anywhere else. Even at 20 an hour to bring this all together for you that s 7,380 but today I m making all of this available to you for just 19.95. That s right, order now and you get the entire package for just 19.95 and that doesn t even take into consideration that you re also getting my Fat Burning Accelerator Program and Sinfully Healthy Christmas Treats and Sweets for FREE... That

8 best Sinfully Healthy Food images on Pinterest | Fat burning ... Learn how the Sinfully Healthy Food system has helped this 48 year old International Fitness model go from average and out of shape to amazing! The most critical key is to have an arsenal of easy, healthy and sinfully scrumptious recipes at your disposal - that you can eat,
s an additional value of 94 FREE with your purchase! You won t find a better collection of amazingly delicious yet guilt free appetizers, side dishes, main courses, soups, salads and satisfying desserts anywhere, so order now. Special Price Only 19.95 Please don t confuse Sinfully Healthy with other cookbooks or recipe programs. This is a leading edge proprietary recipe system not available anywhere else. To Your Optimum Health, Best Quality of Life and Ultimate Body, P.S. These are delicious restaurant quality meals and desserts that you can make at home any time you d like and no one will believe you when you say they re HEALTHY. Yes, they taste that good but don t take my word for it, order now and try them risk free for yourself! PPS. Look at what others are saying about these sinfully and deliciously healthy meals and desserts: Alicia agrees (and I m sure you will too)... Special Price Only 19.95 Have a Question? I ve Probably Answered it Below! Q. How on earth can these decadent mouth watering desserts, sweets and meals be so healthy? It s simple, really I ve started with some of the tastiest meals and desserts on the planet and used ingredient substitutions and healthier cooking methods to ensure you re eating nutritious yet startlingly delicious foods. You ll fool your friends with these recipes. You ll even fool your own taste buds, because you never knew eating healthy could taste so good! Q. Do I need kitchen skills to cook these? Not at all. I didn t create these recipes for gourmet chefs. I created these recipes for ordinary people just like you and me the kind of people who want to create attractive, delicious and nutritious meals the easy way. Q. I hardly have time to shop, let alone cook (although I like the idea)! On average how long would it take to make one of your recipes? Short on time? No problem! Most of the cupcakes take about 10 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes in the oven. If you re cooking a meal, then you ll need to allow about 30 minutes of prep time (cooking time varies). That s probably below the average you typically spend to create holiday or special occasion meals. And in some cases, you can even do the prep work ahead of time! Q. Do you use hard to find or expensive ingredients I need to know I can buy everything in my local supermarket or health food store. No worries you ll find ALL the ingredients locally. You may even find that you have most of the ingredients already in your cupboard! I have people all over the globe making these recipes, and no one has ever had any problems getting the ingredients locally. Q. I have special dietary requirements can I still use your cookbooks? Absolutely! In fact, I even offer you substitution guidelines to make it easy on you. For example, if you have a gluten sensitivity, then you can use gluten free flour and a bit of guar gum in place of regular whole wheat flour. It s easy, and you won t sacrifice any of the taste! Q. Do these recipes really help boost my metabolism or give me more energy to get through the day? YES! That s because all my recipes include healthy sources of one or more of the following: And since these are all non processed foods, every time you eat them your body needs to work which means the mere act of enjoying these treats gives your body a little metabolic boost! Q. I am not good at following a diet can your cookbooks still help me? Absolutely. And that s because these foods are so delicious that it won t even feel like you re on a diet. So many people have told me that these cookbooks were the starting point for them they were the reason these people started eating healthier. I m sure you ll find the same is true for you too! Q. What if I don t like these the recipes? What if they don t work? If these recipes aren t everything I say they are, if you re unsatisfied for ANY reason, all you have to do is contact me within 60 days to get a full and prompt refund. It s as easy as that. Q. Who are you and what makes these cookbooks so unique? My name is Belinda Benn, and I m a 48 year old fitness expert and international fitness model. But I didn t always hold these jobs. In fact, right up until my mid 30s I was a sedentary, overweight executive. I lived on a diet of sugar, coffee and fast food. I didn t exercise at all. Just a walk up a flight of steps left me out of breath. All that changed in my late 30s when a few life changes led me to undergo a radical body transformation. Check it out: Since that time, I ve helped countless men and women around the globe meet their weight loss and fitness goals. And the one thing I ve heard repeatedly is that these people feel deprived if they re not eating flavorful, rich meals and desserts. You know what? I agree. I don t think you should have to sacrifice good food in order to get healthy. And that s when I started experimenting to create delicious yet nutritious meals and desserts that are good for your budget, good for your health and great for your taste buds. That s what these Sinfully Healthy cookbooks are all about and I strongly urge you to download your cookbooks right now. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you ll find out just how awesome eating healthy can be! Special Price 19.95
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