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Omega Body Blueprint weight gain blueprint pdf free download

Omega Body Blueprint weight gain blueprint pdf free downloadProblem 1: Workout Confusion You ve tried everything. Bodybuilding splits, CrossFit, more cardio, less cardio and yet nothing seems to work. I feel your pain...and I want you to know it s not your fault. The amount of misinformation and confusion makes it very difficult for someone to stay consistent and actually find something that works. For example, let s look at your typical bodybuilding split: you ve got Chest on Monday, Back on Tuesday, Shoulders on Wednesday etc... Now, I love those programs. They re fun. And they re great for building size. But they ARE NOT optimal for fat loss especially those last few pounds.And yet, whenever I go a gym, I see men and women doing these outdated splits in an effort to get lean! Low Frequency Training Can Be Ineffective: If you only train a body part once a week you risk the potential to build quality muscle and shed fat. Doing one muscle group on Monday and waiting until the following week is only going to slow down your progress. The overall volume is too low and because the focus tends to be on isolation movements the calorie reduction isn t significant enough for maximum results. For another example, take traditional Low Intensity Steady State cardio (LISS). Those are the 1 2 hour cardio sessions where you re plodding around on a treadmill watching the clock tick by, bored out of your mind. The problem is you have limited time AND.... Traditional Cardio IS NOT The Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy: You ve probably questioned the amount of time that is necessary to spend on the elliptical or treadmill. Hours upon hours are spent yet the end result is NOT a thin, slim midsection. In most cases it might be the exact opposite. Doing Low Intensity Steady State cardio (LISS) can be very boring and most likely not even close to fun. It s not something many people look forward to when it comes to working out. Throw in the fact that you have the potential to lose muscle mass, completely sabotaging your end goal. This just doesn t make sense for you and your goals. If there s one thing I know about cutting body fat it s that you must start with a tried and true, proven blueprint. There are thousands of ways to lose those last few pounds and after working with celebrities, athletes, fitness models, moms, and the average gym goer I ve been able to accumulate all of my research, results and failures by putting it into a proven system that WORKS. It s a plan that forces your body into a muscle building, fat burning zone... The Solution: Omega M.R.T. If you ve been around the fitness game for a while, you probably know about MRT, or Metabolic Resistance Training. If not, it

Created by John Romaniello, the easy-to-use Omega Body Blueprint system is claimed to help men and women of any ... Mar 6, 2017 · Does John Romaniello's Omega Body Blueprint PDF Review Really Work? Or Omega Body Blueprint Download It Just Another Hyped Up Product? Is this Omega Body Blueprint Diet System Scam Or NOT? Mar 7, 2017 · The Om
s basically doing rapid paced weight training circuits. Without getting too far into the science, it s been shown over and over and over again to be the most effective exercise for burning fat. Not only does MRT burn a lot of calories...it also increases your metabolism, allowing you to CONTINUE burning fat long after you ve left the gym. The problem with traditional MRT, though, is that it s limited. Sure, it s great for burning fat... ...but because you tend to use lighter weights, it can also make you weaker! When you go back to heavy training, you ve got to play catch up. On top of that, traditional MRT is not designed with hormonal optimization in mind. And as we touched on above (and will cover in detail below), hormonal optimization is the KEY to getting that Omega body. Omega MRT solves this. You see, instead of just fast paced weight training circuits , the Omega Body Blueprint uses FOUR distinctly different types of training. Each one of these training modalities will help you burn fat... ...but is also designed with specific goals in mind. Some of them keep you strong (preventing the need to catch up later), some help bring out muscle definition... ...and ALL of them train your body to release specific fat burning hormones that fight against that stubborn fat. REMEMBER: stubborn fat is a direct result of individual hormones Omega MRT is designed to address that directly.
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