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The Curve-Ball Effect Total Body how to burn fat and lose weight

The Curve-Ball Effect Total Body how to burn fat and lose weightEven worse... these methods, originally designed for young men, are Turning ON a Hidden Genetic Switch in women over 35...  Causing you to store Deep Fat

Apr 7, 2017 · The Curve Ball Effect is a trademarked bodyweight workout protocol by Dr Kathryn Harney for men and women over 35 designed to break through physical homeostasis, or resistance to change, with short, intense and varied home workouts. ... The Plan is based on a trademarked Curve-Ball ... AMP · The Curve-Ball Fat Shrinking
pockets around your belly no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise...  However, research now shows that In just 30 Seconds WITHOUT all the added suffering...
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