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Raising Quails Made Easy - How To Raise Quails the Easy Way where can you buy quail meat

Raising Quails Made Easy - How To Raise Quails the Easy Way where can you buy quail meatAT LAST! Discover How to Raise Healthy, Fertile Quail, Produce THOUSANDS of Eggs Generate an Additional Income FAST And All from Your Own Backyard. Dear Quail Breeder, Raising Quail is becoming more and more popular all over the world, due to it s speed, ease, convenience and low space requirements. Quails are now classed as a delicacy in the US, and demand high prices from the restaurant trade as a result. What s more, quail eggs are considered to be a super food by nutritionists and doctors alike. So tell me... And finally... If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you re in exactly the right place! In just a moment, you re going to discover... WHY RAISING QUAIL IS A GREAT HOBBY AND AN EVEN GREATER BUSINESS Raising your own quail is incredibly easy, quick, and surprisingly cheap and you can be enjoying (or selling) your own delicious, organic and gourmet quality quail (or their eggs) in as little as 6 weeks from now. In fact, quail will put clean, fresh and high quality protein on your table faster than any other type of livestock (more on this in a moment). But that s not to say that you can ONLY raise quail for their eggs and meat. You can keep them as pets too and more and more people are doing exactly that. Quails are tame, beautiful birds, much quieter than chickens (so they won t annoy your neighbours!) and there are over 130 species to choose from. But whatever your reason for raising quail, without the right advice and guidance; it s incredibly easy to get things SPECTACULARLY WRONG, which will cost you heaps of time, effort and money. And let s face it, why go through months or years of trial and error, and dozens of mistakes, when YOU DON T HAVE TO? Today, I m going to show you how to breed and raise quail quickly and easily. And I ll even show you how to start a profitable home based business too something I ve done myself and now generate a 5 figure monthly income from. HOW I GOT STARTED RAISING QUAIL Hello, my name is Joe and I started raising quail by accident all the way back in 2002. Back then I was working at an Elementary school, teaching a class of first graders, and I loved it. At the start of every year, I would ask the kids to come up with ideas for new class projects. I would hand out a piece of paper, and the children would write down what they wanted to do. That year, one of the ideas sparked my interest. A girl called Sophia had written the following: I THINK WE SHOULD HATCH SOME QUAIL The idea intrigued me. Something like this would teach the children about nature, and how to care for other living creatures, and I could easily involve them in the whole process. That evening I visited the local library and took out a book on raising quail to find out what we needed to do. After further research, the path was clear. I had to buy an incubator and fertile quail eggs to get started nothing fancy or expensive. The following morning I went to the headmaster for approval of the project. He loved the idea too, and agreed immediately. I Bought an Incubator and 48 Quail Eggs From Ebay I still remember the looks on the children s faces when they came in class to find everything in place. They were so excited! That morning, we placed the eggs and started up the incubator. We constantly monitored the temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels, and turned the eggs as instructed in the incubator s manual. On the 17th day of incubation, the eggs started to hatch. But it was Bad News Despite following the instructions to the letter, only 9 eggs out of a total of 48 hatched. Something went wrong but I didn t know what. Maybe the eggs I d bought weren t fertile? Maybe the incubator hadn t worked properly? I didn t know what went wrong for so many eggs not to hatch, but at least the children still had 9 little quails to raise. Determined to keep every hatchling safe, I took the 9 little quails and all of the equipment home with me, and kept a close eye on them. But The Next Morning, I Woke Up To Find All Chicks Had Died I felt awful, and when I explained what had happened to the children, they were heartbroken. There was no way I was going to stop the project on such a sad note, and leave all of those kids so disappointed. So the next day, I bought a new batch of eggs from another seller. Three Weeks Later, the Same Thing Happened Again This time, only 6 eggs hatched, and again, none of them survived beyond the first day. After this happened, a few of the parents called the school to complain that their children were becoming upset at the deaths of all these poor little chicks. They wanted me to stop the project immediately. I understood completely, and agreed to leave it there, but in my own mind, that wasn t the end of it. I Was Determined to Figure out What I Was Doing Wrong I didn t want the children s memories of this project to be nothing but DEATH. So I started looking into quail raising in a big way. I bought books, did a lot of online research, and spoke to a number of local quail farmers for advice. But my third attempt, which I set up at home, produced equally poor results. I was about to give up on the whole idea altogether, when one night, while browsing a forum online, I got the breakthrough I needed. I Came Across an Article About Quail Research carried out at the Texas A M University The article was written by the most famous and renowned Quail breeding expert in the world Dr Fred Thornberry who back in the 1990s had selectively bred a brand new type of quail, the Texas A M, the fastest growing quail there is. As an Extension Specialist in the Department of Poultry Science at Texas A M University, Dr Thornberry had been tasked with cross breeding quails in the pursuit of a sturdier, fast growing bird. But more importantly, he was able to produce a bird that would mature in just 6 weeks, enabling breeders to produce eggs and meat much faster. Additionally, I discovered something even more amazing. During his research, he d not only bred the ultimate, and fastest maturing quail. He Also Designed The ULTIMATE Quail Raising Facility! This was it. If I wanted to discover how to raise quail properly I needed to find out more about Dr Thornberry s system at the Texas A M University. So I phoned the University, and asked to speak to Dr Thornberry. Unfortunately I was told that the quail breeding program, albeit hugely successful, had been discontinued because it had achieved its goals. I was hugely disappointed. But it wasn t all bad news. Before hanging up, I was told that Dr Thornberry s techniques were still widely being used in the industry, particularly by a commercial quail farm in Ohio, run by a former student of his. So I made the three hour trip to Ohio where I met a couple called Bob and Lauren, two quail breeders who were earning tens of thousands of dollars a month breeding quail. I toured their facility, learned exactly how they operate, and finally figured out exactly what I d been doing wrong. I Now Had a PROVEN SYSTEM For Raising Quail! And I couldn t wait to get started... I loved how quick and simple the whole process was when it was done right. I loved the idea of breeding my own birds, and watching them hatch and thrive. And I loved the thought of being able to produce healthy, organic, gourmet quality eggs and meat for my family to enjoy. When I was back home, I bought a new batch of eggs from the same quail breeder as before, and followed the new system which I d just learned. The Results Were Spectacular! This time, 45 of the 50 eggs hatched, and all of them survived. Six months later, and they were producing two dozen eggs a day and they were absolutely delicious! My wife loved them, my kids loved them, and when I told the school children all about it, they were desperate to see my quail. But Then Things Started to Get a Little Crazy As more and more of the children s parents began to hear about my new hobby, I was bombarded with requests. Parents started knocking on my door, asking if I could sell them some quail or eggs. Afterwards, local restaurants started calling me up to place bulk orders. Before I Could Catch My Breath, I Had a Business That Was Generating Hundreds of Dollars Per Week In fact, my business grew so quickly, I was making more from raising quail than I was from teaching, so I made a decision... I quit my teaching job and dedicated my time to raising quail. It was the best decision I ve ever made in my life! That was 15 years ago and I love it just as much now as I did back then. So you re probably asking yourself; if you love it so much Craig, why are you bothering writing this letter. Haven t you got work to do? It s a good question and one I d like to answer right now. Why I ve Decided to Hand over My 15 Years of Knowledge To YOU In all the years I ve been raising quail, I ve sold thousands of fertile eggs to prospective quail breeders and spoke with literally hundreds of people asking for advice on everything to do with raising quail. I ve received emails from all over the World, and I ve always helped these people as much as I could. But of course, I ve never been able to dedicate enough time to providing them with a fully comprehensive, step by step guide for raising quail the right way. UNTIL NOW! I ve decided to put everything I ve learned about raising quail into an step by step system that anyone can follow. And today, I want to share my secrets with YOU. INTRODUCING... Raising Quails Made Easy A proven, step by step system for raising healthy quail in your own backyard! Here Are Just a Few Things You ll Discover in Raising Quails Made Easy ... 7 Reasons Why Quail Raising Makes a Great Hobby or Business 1. QUAILS ARE EASY TO CARE FOR Quail provide the complete micro farming experience. Firstly, quails are less than one third the size of chickens, so they don t take up much space, making them the perfect addition to urban backyards and rural barnyards. Getting started is extremely cheap, with little more than an incubator and some eggs required. Quail can be housed in just a small pen or cage, out of sight of other people. They are also extremely quiet, meaning (unlike chickens) they won t annoy your neighbours! 2. QUAILS HAVE A HIGH SURVIVAL RATE Quails are hardy birds, and don t get sick frequently. As long as they are raised properly and housed in the correct environment (following my step by step quail raising system) quails have very few health issues, and will live a healthy and productive life. 3. QUAILS MATURE FAST As I mentioned previously, Quail will put fresh, high quality protein on your table faster than any other type of livestock. While chickens will start laying eggs between 24 28 weeks of age, quails mature (and start laying eggs) as early as 6 weeks after hatching. 4. QUAILS PRODUCE A HIGH EGG COUNT Another benefit of quail is their incredibly high rate of egg laying at between 300 and 350 eggs per year, compared to chickens, which is around 200 250. With quails being less than one third the size of chickens, it means you need less room and less feed to produce a greater number of eggs each month. 5. THE QUAIL MEAT EGG MARKET IS HUGE (AND GROWING) Quail and their eggs are an increasingly popular restaurant dish, and are now treated as gourmet foods, gracing the pages of magazines like Martha Stewart Living and Gourmet. As demand grows, quail farmers are able to charge higher and higher prices. 6. ANYONE CAN DO IT! If you think quail farming takes heaps of experience and money, you re wrong! Tommy Burner, an 11 year old from Devon in the UK, started with one quail egg given to him by his aunt. He was hooked immediately, and was soon breeding prize winning birds from the original clutch. Now 15, Tommy has built up a business breeding and raising quail and selling eggs to local shops and restaurants. 7. QUAIL EGGS ARE GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH FACT! The nutritional value of a quail egg is three to four times greater than a chicken egg. Quail eggs contain 13% proteins compared to 11% in chicken eggs. Quail eggs also contain almost three times as much vitamin B1 as chicken eggs, double the amount of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin A, and five times as much iron and potassium. Plus, unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs have not been known to cause allergies. Instead, because they

Jun 12, 2017 · If, for any reason, you are not completely satisified with your purchase of Raising Quail Made Easy – Brand New With A 7.39% Conversion Rate! then you may request a refund in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return ... ... Abs/fat Loss Program · Iguana Care Guide – %75 Commissions · Breaking 90 Is Easy · Super Foods Bo
re rich in ovomucoid proteins, they actually fight infections and inflammations which lead to allergies, psoriasis, eczema and asthma. Studies have shown that regular consumption of quail eggs improves memory and increases brain health, due to the eggs being rich in choline, a chemical essential for brain function, while the eggs have also been shown to strengthen and protect the immune and nervous systems, promoting greater health and vitality. The many health benefits of eating quail eggs include: For these reasons, nutritionists and doctors now agree on the classification of quail eggs as a super food . Sounds great, doesn t it? So there s only one question left to answer... How Much Is The Raising Quails Made Easy ? Before I answer that, just take a moment to consider how much better you ll feel in both mind and body when you and your family are eating your own fresh, organic and gourmet quality quail eggs and meat, as opposed to the meat and eggs produced from diseased, distressed and genetically mutated chickens. After all, the health of your family is priceless. Secondly, just think how much money this information will save you. Let s say that you decide go it alone without my 15 years of experience and knowledge and try to do this yourself. The chances are, you will make mistakes that could have easily been avoided. By not following my proven quail raising system, you will waste money on incubation and brooding equipment, pen materials, feed, and much more. But more importantly, many of your eggs will fail to hatch, and a lot of your newborn chicks will die. Let s say that just 10 of your female quail eggs don t hatch a tiny number. It really doesn t sound like much, does it? But get this... Each of those quails would have laid at least 300 eggs in a year. That s a whopping 3,000 eggs you ve lost. But not only that, if those 3,000 eggs were to be incubated and just 75% of them hatched and matured it would mean that you ve lost 2250 quails. So let s assume that you would have sold those quails; how much money have you squandered? Well, if we take a VERY conservative estimate and say that each quail would have sold for just 5, and we deduct 250 from the total for their feed, we end up with 11,000 of lost profit! So tell me... If you re serious about raising quail as a hobby, or as a business, how much would you pay for a proven system that will effectively GUARANTEE the highest hatch and survival rates possible? 1,000 would be fair, right? After all, that s still a huge bargain, because as you ve just seen you ll save many multiples of that in your FIRST YEAR ALONE if my system saves JUST 10 more of your female chicks! And if you re planning to raise quail for the long term, you re looking at a saving of TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. But Here s the DEAL For the next few days, I ve decided to do something crazy. So if you order today, you re not going to have to pay 197... or even 97... In fact, I m not even going to ask you for half that. Instead, for a very limited time, you can order Raising Quails Made Easy for... Lock in Your Special Limited Time Offer Today! I think you ll agree that 37 is an absolute bargain considering everything you re getting access to, and how much time, effort and money this system will save you and make you if you decide to turn it into a business like I ve done. But if that s not your thing, it doesn t matter. You can simply use the system to raise quail as a hobby, and enjoy this bird s sweet, great tasting meat, and put as many nutrient rich, gourmet quality eggs on your family s table as you want to. But that s not all... As a thank you for ordering Raising Quails Made Easy , I m also going to give you these incredible bonuses, absolutely free! Bonuses So when you order today, you re getting access to Raising Quails Made Easy , How to Start a Business Raising Quail, Hatching Charts and Quality Quail Recipes for the ridiculously low price of JUST 37! But hey, even though that s a tremendous bargain, I still understand that you might be a little unsure about investing even 37. And I totally get that. After all, you don t know me at all. So to show that I m genuine, and that I really do want to help you, your order is also going to come with the following... Rock Solid 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! When you order today, you can put Raising Quails Made Easy to the test for a full 60 days, completely risk free. So right now, you don t need to say yes . You just need to maybe . You can then work your way through the entire program, follow my step by step quail raising process for two whole months, at zero financial risk to you. If you re not absolutely blown away by the results, or you simply change your mind for any reason at all, then all you need to do is send me an email (address provided with your order) within 60 days of your investment and I will refund every single cent, with no questions asked, and no hoops to jump through. So go ahead and order today, and try out Raising Quails Made Easy for a full 60 days, on me... You risk absolutely NOTHING! Ok, it s decision time... And you have 3 options... OPTION 1: You can say no thanks , pass up this opportunity, and walk away completely. But by doing that, you ll be missing out on the chance to discover a simple, proven and step by step system for producing your own organic, gourmet quality eggs and meat... ... And instead, you ll have to carry on consuming eggs and meat produced by today s aggressively farmed, hormone pumped and genetically manipulated chickens. Yum. OPTION 2: You can say no thanks to this system, and go it alone. Sure, you can do that, but it will cost you I guarantee it. You will make the same mistakes as every other quail raising beginner, and you will waste heaps of time, effort and money on months, or even years of trial and error for the sake of saving 37. What s more, if you have any ambitions of raising quail as a business venture, ignoring this information will inevitably cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost income, due to low hatch and survival rates, and incorrect equipment and materials. Does that make financial sense to you or any kind of sense?! If someone said to you that you could swap 37 now for improved health, and hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra income, wouldn t you jump at the chance? I know I would. And that leads us to the third option. The only option. OPTION 3: If you care about your family s health, would like to begin a fun and fulfilling hobby, or start a real, sustainable business quickly, easily and affordably, then this is your chance. And it can be yours in less than 15 seconds. And hey, if you re worried about the cost, remember that your order is fully protected by my iron clad 60 day money back guarantee, so you can t lose. The choice is up to you... P.S: This is the EXACT same step by step system that I use to run a 5 figure quail raising business from my own backyard. But remember, you don t have to do the business part. You can simply use this system to start raising quail as a fun and fulfilling hobby, and save yourself heaps of money and months (or even years) of time by avoiding the common mistakes that 99% of beginners make. P.P.S: Don t forget, this is a strictly limited time offer. I intend to raise the price to something approaching its real value very soon, and I honestly don t know when that will be. It could be next week, it could be tomorrow, or it could be in the next few seconds. So be sure to order now so you don t miss out on this huge saving. P.P.P.S: Being sceptical is natural and healthy, but I ve made sure that there s absolutely no risk to you. When you order Raising Quails Made Easy today, you re fully protected by my rock solid 60 day money back guarantee. In short, if you re not 100% happy with the system, you won t pay a red cent. Order now and lock in your huge saving while you still can. You risk absolutely NOTHING!
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