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Best Baby Shower Games how many games for baby shower

Best Baby Shower Games how many games for baby showerFor the Busy Hostess! 75 Fabulous Baby Shower Games Guests LOVE Them and You Can Download and Print Them in as Little as 5 Minutes. (and EVERYONE S going to be asking for your Secret to having such fun and successful showers!) Choose from 75 UNIQUE, EXCITING and BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED baby shower games for your next shower some you won t find ANYWHERE else on the web! All games are available for Immediate Download no expertise required. And your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. From: Dana Brigola Thursday, 8:45 a.m. Dear Fellow Baby Shower Hostess, You ve got a baby shower coming up. There s a pressing question on your mind What games will you choose? You want baby shower games that will Let s face it. You re busy with kids, work, or school and now you have a baby shower to host. You have too many things to plan and not enough time to get it all done. These games are a big hit for the hostess who values her time and wants it all! Time is too precious to get caught up for hours on the internet searching for the best games. Your internet research has paid off you ve found the best games right here. This all started when I created a couple of baby shower games for a friend s baby shower. They were a huge hit with the guests and I was asked by more than one person where I had gotten them. That s when a light bulb went off I decided to create these 75 memorable and fun filled baby shower games for the busy hostess. I spent over 500 hours personally researching the internet, probing friends for the fun ideas, and creating the best games on the internet. I even drove my husband nuts: Honey, can you tell me which font looks best? His reply: How am I supposed to know just pick one. Quality, Not Quantity Have you noticed that some websites offer over 200 games for baby showers? Goodness, that s a LOT. I checked out some of them and found that the quality of their games was not quite what it should be. If you re just interested in purchasing the package with the most games, then this one is not for you. I can t compete with quantity alone and I don t want to. And think about it, do you really want to preview 200 games? How would you have enough time to do anything else? I guarantee that you ll have enough on your plate selecting from the wide range of great games I m offering. And these are quality games, with quality fonts, and quality images. I ve personally selected the best ones for you and created them with lots of TLC (tender loving care). These games are the ones that you ll go to over and over again. Games for Multiples Are Here Is the Mommy to Be expecting twins or triplets? If so, you ll get to pick from several games designed especially for her. Games like Twins Trivia, Famous Pairs, Famous Trios, and Triple the Fun are sure to make your baby shower a huge hit. African American Images Are Here One thing I noticed from other baby shower games websites was the lack of African American graphics on the games. That s why I created a second version of some of the games, featuring African American images. There are ten games exclusively with African American images on them. Plus there are several more with images of African American babies appearing with babies of other races. The rest of the games have generic baby symbols, such as rattles or pacifiers. Games with African American graphics give you an option to choose the game and image that s right for your baby shower. Couples Games Are Here Throwing a couples shower? No problem. There are several games that specifically have a Daddy vibe. Not to mention, men can play just about any of the other games too. Some couples games are Animal Families, Mothers and Fathers in Genesis, Mommy and Daddy Animals, Celebrity Parents and Kids, Baby Shower Outburst, Baby Shower Scattegories, and Whose Genes Should Baby Get. Great Mix Between Traditional and One of a Kind Games When I first started creating these games, I focused on unique, one of a kind games. One girlfriend said, I love these games, but where is BINGO and Word Unscramble? I then realized that a lot of women want these classics , so I included the best ones. So if you re one of the traditionalists, you ve got your games here. Examples of some classic games included are Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Word Find, Baby Word Unscramble, What is Mom Wearing, Mystery Baby Food Tasting, Nursery Rhyme Titles, Memory Game, and Draw the Mommy. For you hostesses that are more intested in one of a kind games, I promise that you ll find what you re looking for here. That s because I created a lot of them myself from scratch. They re guaranteed to be original. You won t find them anywhere else on the web or in a store. A few of my exclusive games include Baby Shower Sudoku, Lessons of Schoolhouse Rock, Baby on the Big Screen, Baby Names in Geography, Grown in the Wild, Whose Gene s Should Baby Get, Comic Strip Trivia, and What s in Common. Believe me, there s no shortage of great games for you to choose from. MY ONLY CONCERN is that you re going to be overwhelmed and spend too much time trying to decide which of the 75 games you want to play. Fun Extras That Make This Package Complete There are times when you want to create your own games, but need paper to do so. I ve included several blank, do it yourself pages for that purpose. You ll find blank pages, lined pages, and half pages with different graphics and designs for you to choose from including pages for twins, boys, girls, Caucasians and African Americans. So go ahead, make up your own games with these gorgeous pages! Also, since many baby showers have children present, you ll also find several coloring pages to keep the kids busy. They can have a coloring contest or just present the finished picture to the mother to be as a memorable gift. Most of these games come with instructions written on a separate page for you to print out (the others are self explanatory and don t need instructions). Also, the answers to the games are also available on a separate page, if applicable. Fast Easy Electronic Download There is No Shipping these games are electronic and are available for immediate download onto your computer. I

Aug 9, 2016 · Best Baby Shower Games On The Internet – High Conversion Rate is a product being sold on the ... Jul 30, 2016 · Best Baby Shower Games On The Internet – High Conversion Rate. Earn High Commissions With ... Earn High Commissions With These 75 Beautifully-designed, Unique Baby Shower Games. Customers Love Them ... Best Baby S
ll show you how with step by step instructions it s fast (less than 1 minute for users with high speed internet access) and VERY easy. There is No Expiration on these games BUYER BEWARE: some websites give you a password to access the games you buy, and after a certain time period, BAM! You can t access your games anymore! Now, if I paid good money for some games, I would want to have them permanently, wouldn t you? Once you buy these baby shower games, the entire set will be downloaded onto your own computer. That way, you can access and print them whenever you want, as many times as you want. There s no expiration date, so if you need them for another baby shower 5 years from now, they are right at your fingertips! Super Bonuses, Valued at 59 Yours FREE Just for Trying These Baby Shower Games I m going to Sweeten the Deal for you. Everybody loves FREE things I know I sure do. I want to entice you to try out these Baby Shower Games because I know you ll be 100% Satisfied and so will your guests. What Do These Games Cost? What Should They Cost? To determine the price for the Baby Shower Games, I looked at several factors. If you were to hire a professional to create your baby shower games, it would cost you at least 40 for just two games. That s at 10 per hour (a very reasonable price) times 4 hours. And that s being conservative. Here you have 75 games. I also looked at the price for purchasing games at a party store. The prices ranged from 5.95 to 24.99 just for one game! Based on this information, I arrived at a reasonable and afforadable price of 29.99. I want you to have the best deal on the web , so I ve lowered it to an incredible 24.99! IMPORTANT UPDATE: The price has been lowered yet again! I m in the process of performing market testing on the price of my games, so for a limited time, the price is 19 an unbelievable bargin. However, please be warned... I cannot keep the price this low for too long. I want you to know that I WILL raise it after a couple of months of testing. AND THINK ABOUT THIS: 19 is the price of a pizza and drinks. We re not talking about a lot of money here. Plus, the best part is you can share the cost of these games with the other hostesses and you get to keep them all for yourself to use at all of your other baby showers! Spread across just five showers, you re paying under 4 per shower. That s a BARGAIN! Like I said earlier, I m convinced that these games are the best on the internet, and if you could just see them, print them, and use them, I know you d feel the same way. Finally, because you re entrusting me with your time and confidence, I want you to keep the FOUR BONUSES Free of Charge even if you decide to return the Baby Shower Games. That s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide! Common Questions I m at work, how will I be able to download the games onto my computer at home? You have two options: 1) After payment is made, you will be directed to a web page where you can download the games. Write down the URL of that page (http://www.best baby....), and go back to it once you get home. 2) Download the games to your work computer, copy them to a CD, then delete the games off your work computer. What if I don t have a color printer or no printer at all? You ll need to print them at a friend s house, your office, or at a printer. You have two options: 1) You can copy the games from your computer onto a CD and bring the CD to a friend s house. 2) View and print the games online (there is a link where you can do this). I don t know anything about computers. Will downloading the games be easy? I wrote all of the instructions for the download with you in mind. They are detailed and have pictures of each pop up involved during the download. If you have problems, you can visit my FAQ page, or contact me by email or telephone for assistance. My baby shower is in a few hours. Will I have my games in time? Yes. As soon as payment is made, you will be directed to a download page you don t even have to wait for an email. For high speed internet users, downloading will take less than a minute. For dial up internet users, it will take longer, depending on your computer, connection, etc. You can also view and print the games from online, instead of downloading them. This is an especially nice feature if you have dial up access and need the games immediately. Of course you can still download the games onto your computer in addition to viewing them online. The Choice is Simple Imagine how you ll feel when your guests rave at how much fun they had. Imagine being the hit of all of your baby showers. Remember for a limited time, the price is an incredibly low 19 it will go up soon, so you must act quickly. To start downloading your baby shower games and bonuses in the next five minutes, click the Blue Order Button Now. IT S SECURE! As a reminder, The Best Baby Shower Games package is only available as an electronic download. It s an executable file (.exe.) that will download and unzip the PDFs to your computer. Available for both Windows and Mac users (Mac users will download pdf files.) The games are from a U.S. perspective, so the games reflect that (for example, U.S. television shows and currency.) Happy Hosting! Sincerely, Dana Brigola P.S. Remember that this Low Price of 19 WILL NOT LAST LONG. I m in the process of figuring the best price for my product, which means that I will continue to raise my price periodically while performing market evaluations. What this means to you is that you need to hurry and click the blue order button to take advantage of the lower price before it rises again. P.S.S. Also remember that along with these 75 super fun baby shower games, you ll get 4 Awesome Bonuses, valued at 59, ABSOLUTELY FREE, even if you decide to return the games! Some of these bonuses will only be available for a short time then I ll start charging for them. P.P.P.S. Remember that my Guarantee to you is that if you re not ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with these Baby Shower Games, you have 8 Full Weeks to let me know and I ll gladly refund your money. I want you to be happy!
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